Davies Auto Car Care Guidelines

To get a good vehicle that is comfortable and good for driving, the car should be maintained continuously. You can go to the car service station or you can do it by yourself. Like humans, machines also require maintenance and regular checks in order to be fixed immediately if there is a damaged part or need to repair. General checkup on the car should be performed every 2 or 3 months, not only for the car that has not been used for a long time but also car that has been used on a long journey. It is up to you whether go to the service station or you do it by yourself. Your lovely car needs your special attention in order to it always seems as new. The following are car care guidelines that may benefit for you.

-Exterior and interior

It is better if you constantly clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle from dirt, because if it stuck too long, it is going to harden and can cause the paint looks dull and flawed. While in the interior, the dirt that was not immediately cleaned will bring about unpleasant odor. read more


Do not forget to check the condition of tire and the air pressure. The air pressure in your tires should be measured at least once a month by using an accurate gauge.


Always check the conditions of water of accumulator, radiator, and windshield wiper. You should add the water if the amount is below the minimum limit. If you cannot do all of these you can go to the service station dealer that produce your car.


You should also check the volume and quality of oil in the engine, gearbox, axle, power steering, brakes and clutch.


If the power of your engine is poor or even part of your machine makes noise, it means you have to start to check the condition of your car engine to the nearest service station.


You need to check various components of your car, such as the clutch, gearbox, coupling, axle, wheel bearings as well as the wheels. Make sure that the components are working normally.

-The lights

Finally, make sure that all your vehicle lights like the headlights, taillights and brake lights are running perfectly, because you certainly do not want to have an accident caused by brake lights have been damaged.


You should do the car care guidelines above as this will make you feel comfortable and confident while driving.