Email Marketing Service

Responsible for landing page is conversion rate optimizers and email marketing service is email marketer. These are the two departments involved in this process. But they are not always sync. Email marketers must join their hands with conversion rate optimizers to make complete dedicated landing page for specific marketing.

To achieve a successful email marketing strategy, follow these approaches

-Dedicated landing page

-Email list – segmentation

-Confused!! Let’s make it clear with brief explanation of these two approaches.


Each email marketing service should have enthusiastic landing page to achieve many proceeds. A good attracting landing page will draw the attention of your visitors and make them to complete the conversion without any compulsion. is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Some of the tips to keep in mind while creating a landing page of your website.

-Clean and structured Design:

The overall structure of your page design will have vast impact on the efficacy of your landing page. The primary goal of your Lander should make visitors more comfortable to convert. It is really important to focus on conversion objective while design your landing page. Also focus on use of color, striking images, button’s colors specifically to discover most effective landing page layout.

-Use Header:

As every web marketing people know the importance of header in a landing page. Use header of your page to expose your proffer or special service that you are offering to visitors and also make them clear the purpose and value of offer. Use headlines and sub heading of landing page to promote the purpose of your offer. Remember that you have one first few seconds to convince the visitors that your offer is worthy so just expose it through header field.


-Focus each audience:

By using great offer, you have been promoting your landing page. Then you’ll start getting traffic from every corner of the word. Your page will be watched by different types of audience. In such case, customizing landing page for each and every audience is must. Users, who are all redirects to your landing page through Face book, twitter and other social media post is different from email marketing software link or newsletters.


To give out this planned approach, segmentation of email list is very important to take the right customers to the right landing page. Creating landed for email campaign is just beginning. In order to sharpen email marketing service, you should segment email list.

Email list is nothing but a list of addresses or contacts of customers of your business who are at different localities. According to that the content and language used in the email have to be modified to reach all type of customers at different places. The one and only way to respond them in different prospects is by segmenting email list. Email segmentation has proved that “39% of email marketers who segmented their email list got higher profit rate, 28% experienced lower and 2% experienced greater returns”.